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DEMONSTRATION. Whatever is said or written to designate a thing or person. For example, a gift of so much money, with a fund particularly referred to for its payment, so that if the fund be not the testator's property at his death, the legacy will fail; this is called a demonstrative legacy. 4 Ves. 751; Lownd. Leg. 85; Swinb. 485.
     2. A legacy given to James, who married my cousin, is demonstrative; these expressions present the idea of a demonstration; there are many James, but only one who married my cousin. Vide Ayl. Pand. 130; Dig. 12, 1, 6; Id. 35, 1, 34 Inst. 2, 20, 30.
     3. By demonstration is also understood that proof which excludes all possibility of error; for example, mathematical deductions.

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There was a pretty large concourse of people assembled round the Houses of Parliament, looking at the members as they entered and departed, and giving vent to rather noisy demonstrations of approval or dislike, according to their known opinions.
I could easily have knocked down this native, who was within a short length; but I thought that it was better to wait for real hostile demonstrations.
He bought the text-books on physics and chemistry, and, along with his algebra, worked out problems and demonstrations.
As soon as he could withdraw from these somewhat embarrassing demonstrations, he went, accompanied by his friends, to pay a visit to the Columbiad.
In June 1880 he made his famous speech at the unveiling of the monument to Pushkin in Moscow and he was received with extraordinary demonstrations of love and honour.
As a provider of 10GbE TOE/iSCSI acceleration adapter products, Chelsio's involvement in this demonstration validates our leadership position and our vision for 10GbE iSCSI.
MDA), the first over-the-air demonstration for the Advanced Satcom Terminal Technology Demonstration Program (AST TDP) was successfully completed.
The capitated ESRD demonstration is designed to test the effectiveness of disease management models to increase quality of care for ESRD patients while ensuring that this care is provided more effectively and efficiently.
This demonstration was also an example of TeamCast's wide product offering for this emerging market.
a company that develops fully autonomous, optionally piloted unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), announced the United States Air Force (USAF) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battlelab (UAVB) sponsored and cooperated in a demonstration of SkyForce(TM), Proxy Aviation's unmanned aircraft system.
Under the agreements, Total Petrochemicals will construct a demonstration plant at its petrochemicals complex in Feluy, Belgium.

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