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DEMONSTRATION. Whatever is said or written to designate a thing or person. For example, a gift of so much money, with a fund particularly referred to for its payment, so that if the fund be not the testator's property at his death, the legacy will fail; this is called a demonstrative legacy. 4 Ves. 751; Lownd. Leg. 85; Swinb. 485.
     2. A legacy given to James, who married my cousin, is demonstrative; these expressions present the idea of a demonstration; there are many James, but only one who married my cousin. Vide Ayl. Pand. 130; Dig. 12, 1, 6; Id. 35, 1, 34 Inst. 2, 20, 30.
     3. By demonstration is also understood that proof which excludes all possibility of error; for example, mathematical deductions.

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As in our other demonstrational videos, it shows how easy it is to test a film sample and gives a preview of what the data gathering and reporting interface looks like.
A free demonstrational video that guides users through the drain-cleaning process is also available at http://www.
We use this account as a benchmark for demonstrational purposes describing how our advertising sector operates.
Project Description: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the athmosphere by creating demonstrational greenhouse, operating on solar energy, on the southern slope of the mountain territory of Korul aiyl okmotu, Alay rayon.
the last in a series of demonstrational tests performed by the U.
We believe that the demonstrational and developmental use of the KITECH system will provide significant future benefits to the Company.
Contract award: Apparatus and equipment designed for demonstrational purposes
Goals for 2004 and beyond * Initiation of multiple Phase 1/2 demonstrational trials of satraplatin in combination with taxanes and radiation therapy in various cancers in the second half of 2004, with initial data expected as early as 2005.
To continue its educational efforts, the company has presented its plans for the demonstrational herd to the FDA and NAS to inform them that the milk product is safe and the animals are not genetically modified.
This comprehensive conference will provide demonstrational and educational sessions for executives to learn the most time and cost effective ways to get up to speed on the latest customer relationship management (CRM) strategies, technologies and best practices.

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