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The case in point is the trombonist who tore up his part during a simultaneous performance of John Cage's Atlas Eclipticalis and Winter Music, before demonstratively walking off stage--all this during the festival's opening concert.
When Juncker first met him five weeks ago, he demonstratively grabbed the 40-year-old Tsipras by the hand and led him off for what EU officials said was effectively a tutorial on EU affairs.
ally needy and demonstratively loving to the point of suffocation, like an overclingy boyfriend, and they have an unfortunate tendency to overproduce saliva on sight of you (ditto), cats are far more selective with their affections.
While Slade stood at the front as per normal, clapping his hands of encouragement every so often, it was Trollope who was demonstratively barking out the orders to the team.
The team were given a demonstratively warm welcome by South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, Unification Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae -- the main policymaker on inter-Korean affairs -- and President Park Geun-hye's national security adviser, Kim Kwan-jin.
Dorrell was pounding on his chest, toward his heart, and demonstratively talking to his team.
This fantasy story demonstratively introduces color theory.
At the first preview, however, the audience was demonstratively upset with losing the beloved character actor's Mr.
They are demonstratively designer oriented, and whether they be by nature for fast coffee, for in-your-face trendy coffee--or for upscale coffee they all have a vibrant and bold coffee atmosphere, they all call to the young.
The FOMC practice since February 1994 of generally restricting changes in the intended federal funds rate to regularly scheduled meetings and making changes in multiples of 25 basis points has demonstratively improved the predictability of the timing and magnitude of changes in the intended funds rate in such cases.
But Shevardnadze, who returned to Tbilisi in March 1992 at the request of Kitovani and Ioseliani, instead of the expected rapprochement with Russia, set about cultivating the friendly relations he had forged as the USSR foreign minister with Western leaders, and demonstratively declined to commit Georgia to membership of the CIS--the Commonwealth of Independent States formed by Moscow, which all former Soviet republics, except for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, had joined in 1991.
The only reason you should invest in technology is if the investment will demonstratively make your company money.