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These results show that welfare recipients have much higher rates of mental disorders, severe and disabling psychological distress, and rates of demoralisation than non-recipients.
What's wrong with our doctors is not demoralisation and stress but deep-seated arrogance and selfishness.
This is crunch time for Estrada," he said, adding that the controversy could lead to widespread political demoralisation.
The report says: "The fabric of the party in Liverpool will continue to decline as demoralisation deepens and the distance between the voters and the party may become so great that it proves impossible to re-establish the relationship for other elections - not least the European election, and even the next Parliamentary election.
In my view the poor state of the NHS (and the demoralisation of the overworked staff) is due to the huge demands for treatment never envisaged when it was first established.
This has led to a lot of demoralisation and several RTI applications have been filed to ascertain the reasons for the out- of- turn promotions.
If there is a doctor shortage, time lost to administration and demoralisation in doctors who remain then it would seem clear that patient safety is at risk.
Uncertainty breeds demoralisation amongst nursing and clinical staff alike and the recent departure of a neonatologist from Glan Clwyd is symptomatic of this lack of direction.
What has happened at Kenton is a testimony to the demoralisation in education fuelled by the academy pressures.
Our new strategy of launching big attacks on military installations was aimed at causing demoralisation in the ranks of the security forces and tiring out the government.
Given the demoralisation felt by Republicans, the loathing felt for McCain by the conservative wing of his own party and his advanced age, the race would be almost Obama's to lose.
Not least: Concerns regarding the demoralisation of council staff and officers, which I fear will have an impact on their working practice and goodwill.