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Gerry Morrisey, general secretary of broadcasting workers' union Bectu, said he would not rule out industrial action against the job losses, adding that ITV staff were the "most demoralised workforce in British television.
Society is threatened I SYMPATHISE with unhappy tenants about a close and happy community being demoralised by changes beyond their control.
UNISON regional organiser Jeff Baker said: "Staff are now completely confused and demoralised.
JENNY MEADOWS admits she's been left demoralised by the state of athletics as she heads to Beijing for the World Championships.
Now look at the rest of the squad - would they be demoralised by the two best players going?
Ricky Ponting and his all-conquering side celebrated Australia Day in style, cruising to a 73-run victory over a demoralised West Indies in a one-sided contest at the Adelaide Oval.
Health workers, including cleaners and clerical staff, were feeling demoralised because their jobs were being threatened by false 'stereotyping' from politicians, union leaders warned.
On the other hand, we are told that the conflict will not last long because Saddam Hussein's forces are weak and demoralised.
Pakistan should land odds of 2-5 against a poor Zimbabwe outfit but they need a quick win and could get demoralised if things don't go their way from the off.
It isn't because they have had bad coaching, but they are demoralised because of what goes on off the field.
Thereafter Alex McLeish felt his Blues players carried the careworn look of a demoralised unit.
He said: "We know how demoralised the profession is, shackled to computers spending 80 per of their time on bureaucratic procedures.