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Numerous studies have shown the negative effects of demoralization on individuals with life-threatening medical diseases (https://www.
The effects of demoralization were greatest among children with higher levels of prenatal exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in air pollution.
In short, property law can offer morale benefits that are every bit as critical as demoralization costs.
In these situations of demoralization and distrust of the state people begin to create protective racialized and religious identities to defend themselves and their community from the fears and "injustices of globalization.
Compared with more easygoing peers, perfectionists were also more likely to experience vital exhaustion, a state characterized by feelings of fatigue, demoralization and irritability that is a risk factor for heart disease.
From this sociologic approach, the physician loss of status is the etiology of the physician demoralization problem, and ultimately, will prevent the higher levels of functioning necessary to be "actualized.
Along the way he talks of bureaucratic foot-dragging demoralization of the design team, and design mistakes that hampered the mechanical systems.
Ehrenreich deliberately conducted an experiment to see if she could survive in the world of low-paid workers, experiencing the injustice and demoralization of such a lifestyle.
Singer said it's important for doctors and family members to get seniors to talk about their feelings of hopelessness or demoralization.
Conversely, calling our schools by other names, such as junior colleges or two-year colleges, not only detracts from what we do best, but it can also be inaccurate and lead to the demoralization of our students.
The powers use tactics including negative sanctions, rewards and promises, isolation and division, demoralization and diversion, surveillance and secrecy, language and image to secure their own survival, dominate humanity, and bring chaos to the world.