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We're down to our last two weeks and it'll be interesting to see the kind of memos going around in offices during that time in a race to demote or promote these power players.
The European Union's antitrust chief said he is looking "very carefully" at allegations that Google unfairly demotes rivals' sites in search results.
The regents voted 7-6 to demote Remington despite concerns voiced by some regents that they were violating the state open-meeting law.
The action asserts that the company began a course of conduct in mid-1997 designed to demote, or which had the effect of demoting, Mr.
Iraq has been witnessing continued political crisis which culminated in some demands to demote Premier Maliki, charged with "dictatorial" behavior.
The supremo reckons chairmen were too hasty in voting to demote the Lions two leagues in August, 2009.
The officer said Detective Inspector Allison Funnell looked for excuses to demote him and falsely accused him of being rude to staff.