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SI Akhtar Hussains two step salary demotion punishment was reduced to one-step salary demotion.
Wafaqi Ombudsman ordered for his demotion from grade 20 to 19 after finding Badar ul Zaman guilty besides directing the Pakistan Post department to implement the orders within 15 days and file report thereof.
I don't like it," Asle Sveen, a historian and Nobel expert, said of Jagland's demotion, saying China might interpret Jagland's removal as a semi-apology for the prize to Liu.
But veteran Vatican observer and author John Thavis said Burke's political power would be seriously diminished by his demotion.
The three-judge panel yesterday rejected a claim the demotion was disproportionate as it would lead to a EUR6,500 loss in salary.
Additionally, Pakistan has been removed from the Watch List and will no longer be considered for possible demotion from Secondary Emerging to Frontier status.
Another neighbour said: "It's a good idea for the authorities to use demotion orders.
However, it's still uncertain as to whether the club will also receive a docking of points to go with the demotion, although Neale hopes losing their Blue Square North status and slipping through the Southern League's top flight will be the end of the matter.
The association evicted the family after they failed to modify their behaviour despite having been served with an injunction and demotion order.
A demotion order was granted against Ms Tiffin after the court heard how she and her two teenage sons had persistently caused harassment and distress to local residents.
That decision remains controversial, although many astronomers say that there's merit in the demotion.