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Alonso's demotion plays to the advantage of his team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne, who missed Q2 by a tenth of a second and qualified with the eleventh fastest time.
At this, the court disposing of the petition stayed implementation of the demotion orders.
As an inevitable result, Prof Mike Brown, who was instrumental in discovering new dwarf planets - and in demotion too - was dubbed Pluto Killer by Pluto fans.
I don't like it," Asle Sveen, a historian and Nobel expert, said of Jagland's demotion, saying China might interpret Jagland's removal as a semi-apology for the prize to Liu.
But veteran Vatican observer and author John Thavis said Burke's political power would be seriously diminished by his demotion.
His attorney claims the demotion "was in retaliation for refusing to violate the rights of fellow officers at an administrative tribunal proceeding over which he presided, contrary to the wishes of Beck.
Okur also admitted that the suspension and demotion of the prosecutors, who were conducting crucial investigations pursuant to Article 10 of the Counterterrorism Law (TMK), were not based on any facts or concrete evidence but rather on speculation.
CONGRATULATIONS to David Bartlett on his reporting of the demotion of Councillor Hanson because of his email conversation with me, Audrey O'Keefe.
A number of meetings were held in Arbil, Najaf and Sulaimaniya over the last few weeks among the blocs that demanded Maliki's demotion to determine their final stand on the political crisis.
The demotion knocks his payments to $208,802 a year and Ward will retire as a three-star lieutenant general.
and right Yorkston claimed he had only mentioned demotion as being the right thing to do in principle if any club went into liquidation.
Though, Deshmukh's reshuffle is being considered as demotion in political circles, he rejected such claims and expressed his happiness with the new responsibility that was entrusted on him.