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The Catholic Church hierarchy tells us women that we must dress with more demureness and more modesty.
Her demureness, so different from her persona at the bar, took him by surprise, and for a moment he stared at her.
It is as though this is the result of some kind of battle in the female psyche between demureness and capability.
It was richly enough to have her imagining what they had gone through and phrasing it with her matchless demureness.
12) Juan Luis Vives makes this point especially clear in his "Instruction of a Christian Woman" (1540), where he insists that "it neither becometh a woman to rule a school, nor to live among men, or speak abroad, and shake off her demureness and honesty.
Her intimacy does not guarantee any secrets, nor her extreme demureness, because no matter how much she hides, what covers her--her clothing--does not stop the display of a undressed/naked body.
Behind the demureness there is a will to succeed that only comes when you have lost someone close to you.
More demure is Mme Baltard, sketched in pencil, her eyes sweetly uplifted under the braided, centre-parted hair fashionable at the time (Private Collection, Paris); and, demure beyond all demureness, delicate as the Sevres china on the glazed chimney-piece she leans against, the Vicomtesse d'Haussonville, youngest child of the Duc de Broglie and a descendant of Mme de Stael.