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The Catholic Church hierarchy tells us women that we must dress with more demureness and more modesty.
They are the memoirs of the prodigal son, not groveling in the throes of expiation, but requesting years later, from a polite audience, demureness for his foregone dissolution.
It seems the gull wing door and drop down sill is for ease and demureness of access.
Her demureness, so different from her persona at the bar, took him by surprise, and for a moment he stared at her.
Her demureness strikes a false note and because of this, Karen's appearance here signals defeat (as a wife and a sexual being), a quality underlined only a couple of scenes later when she, in the same outfit, goes into her husband's study and discovers, by looking through the staff numbers' list, that Stewart is spending the evening with Meg Rinehart.
It is as though this is the result of some kind of battle in the female psyche between demureness and capability.
The photographer's use of soft focus to portray individuals who manifest both a discreet self and a communal type and whose seeming demureness conveys a complexly evasive power, is what MacKay most effectively captures in this chapter and what evokes one's curiosity to seek out Cameron's work.
Her random babblings, which all of her children ignore, reveal an idealized world in which women act with demureness and with restraint and are rewarded through the attention of a loving man.
It was richly enough to have her imagining what they had gone through and phrasing it with her matchless demureness.
12) Juan Luis Vives makes this point especially clear in his "Instruction of a Christian Woman" (1540), where he insists that "it neither becometh a woman to rule a school, nor to live among men, or speak abroad, and shake off her demureness and honesty.
Her intimacy does not guarantee any secrets, nor her extreme demureness, because no matter how much she hides, what covers her--her clothing--does not stop the display of a undressed/naked body.
Behind the demureness there is a will to succeed that only comes when you have lost someone close to you.