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Can I risk a final demurral (or at least a missed opportunity)?
But neither that erudition nor the poems' virtuosity completely explains the curious reticences and demurrals of even his most impassioned reviewers.
Behn, despite her own demurrals, is credited with an equally respectable set of intellectual influences; Chernaik deals well with her imitation of Tasso's "Golden Age" and the commendatory poem she writes for Creech's De Natura Rerum.
If groups of intellectuals periodically demurred from affirming this "achievement" - and Shumway surveys such demurrals among the literary radicals, the New Critics, the "vulgar Marxists," and the New York intellectuals - the dominant imperative Shumway sees is toward the establishment of a great literature for a globally supreme nation.
After some shuffing, demurrals, and giggling from the women, four ultimately gather in the front of the room.
When senators felt compelled to stand and deliver their demurrals, they tended to reserve the filibuster for a deeply held belief.
If the work exists in its form, it is complete and significant insofar as the artist has composed it -- the concrete poem, the completed novel -- and the remainder should provide only embellishment, demurrals, or the means to established a contingent evolution; the work as such can neither be augmented nor diminished; it exists, and its shines forth in its own being: an organized structure cannot be placed in question except by ignoring it or dismantling it.
Nancy Reagan, the wife of President Ronal Reagan, codified the misty-eyed gaze at the rugged man, the demure demurrals, and the aggregation of power behind the throne.
Certainly, Guardini's pre-Vatican II proclivities should be considered side-by-side with Maritain's post-Conciliar demurrals regarding "demythicizing" practices affecting "the Church, Bride and mystical body.
If I were as graceful in print as Knight, I might already have worked in my nit-picking, but I ain't, so here's an addendum of small demurrals.
Rosenzweig's triad of Judaism, Christianity, and Messianic Kingdom clearly echoes Hegel's systematization of history - despite Cohen's demurrals.
Yet these few demurrals are only that; this is an intelligent and ground-breaking book that makes a substantial contribution to Restoration studies.