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DEMIES. In some universities and colleges this term is synonymous with scholars. Boyle on Charities, 129.

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Absolutely, ft took a long time to get made because Jacques Demy wrote the music, and it was a tough film to finance.
Such individual expression by an auteur may proffer a world-view or even, as is the case with Demy, create a personal universe, what Jean-Andre Fieschi terms a "personal mythology" (272).
Charles Chapel marks a turning point in the documentary, as she recalls the people in her life who passed away, and the years spent with her loves, Jacques Demy and her two children, Mathieu and Rosalie.
Now that we know more about Demy and his agenda, it becomes obvious that Demy's agenda included the "queering" of the subject material, and Duggan (French, Wayne State U.
No Demy movie ever matched the international critical and commercial success of Umbrellas, which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes and was an Oscar nominee for best foreign-language film; in fact, the gender-bending French Revolution--set Lady Oscar (1979), made during the last decade of the director's career, wasn't even released in his own country until 1997.
Jacques Demy dreamed of America long before he discovered it in 1965, when Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (1964) was selected for the Oscars.
Gert is survived by her children; daughter Jo-Ann Gianiny of Florida, sons Demy of Weston, Joe of Sandwich and Ed of North Carolina.
I completed the Street League Acas demy in August, achieving a Fit for Work level one qualification, as well as a Community Sports Leader Award level two.
GIG: Grace demy pupil Toni ncisgets y for day's arity cert.
Mike Hutchings of Reuters won first prize in the Sports Singles category for his photograph from the World Cup semi-final in Cape Town, South Africa, showing the Netherlands' Demy de Zeeuw being kicked in the face by Uruguay's Martin Caceres.
Coachman beat Annfield Plain Demy from the Consett and District Sunday League 3-1 with strikes from David Fairless, Robbie Frame and Jonathon Roseby.
Demy de Zeeuw opened the scoring on seven minutes with his first Champions League goal and Luis Suarez added the second before Valter Birsa pulled one back.