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85) Removal, naturalization denial, and denaturalization require federal immigration authorities to affirmatively pursue these actions.
As noted above, most liberal states provide for denaturalization where a citizen acquired status through fraud, misrepresentation or concealment of material facts.
extended to cover denaturalization and extradition cases, where the
It hit upon the stuffiness of a bureaucratized University that regarded its multidisciplinary approach as an antagonistic force that might lead to a denaturalization of the rigid disciplinary organization of the Spanish University.
3) But again, one should respect the author's decision to concentrate on "naturalization, denaturalization, immigration, emigration, and border policies" (4) and only selectively on the political philosophical implications.
6) While Ozeki's narrative does include lesbian characters, I argue the queerness of her text extends beyond her characters' same-sex desire to the denaturalization and questioning of systems of power and the often-violent domination of nature that has been normalized by global capitalism.
If politics operates by ideology-passing off as real and natural what is, in effect, an outcome of history, labor, and relations among humans--then the task of critique would be one of denaturalization, entailing an analysis of the ways in which what passes as natural is framed, signified, represented, or (even) constructed.
An important and excellent exception is Patrick Weil, The Sovereign Citizen: Denaturalization and the Origins of the American Republic (2013), which provides a searching examination of the Nationality Act's central role in the history of denaturalization.
160) Afroyim is unlike Gideon, however, because in footnotes it acknowledged that subsequent to Perez the Court had struck down statutory involuntary denaturalization on a case-by-case basis.
by showing the other's travesty through the denaturalization of genders, transvestism produces a "realness" for itself; and, by re-producing the other's "realness," by representing the other, by constructing the other's "realness," transvestism also reveals the "falseness" (that is, the construction) of the other.
The PCR reaction consisted of a denaturalization phase at 94[degrees]C for 30 seconds, followed by 30 denaturation cycles at 94[degrees]C for 30 seconds, hybridization at 56[degrees]C for 30 seconds and elongation at 72[degrees]C for 30 seconds.
the Syrian law does not stipulate denaturalization, but denaturalization is applicable on persons who acquired the Syrian citizenship.