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In masquerade, the icon is denaturalized, estranged, exposed as constructed, as produced; femininity is no longer confined to the imagistic--that is, constructed as closeness, as presence to itself--but becomes visible as fiction, as a mask that can be put on or off, as a sign.
Halberstam distinguishes five different types of masculine performance: butch realness (passing as a male); femme pretending (campy masquerading of masculinity); male mimicry (reproducing male masculinity); fag drag (copying gay male looks); and denaturalized masculinity (performances that criticize masculinity).
If history (or literary history) has effectively denaturalized Jonson's punctuation, the same cannot confidently be said about Mulcaster's.
On the contrary, in such critical formulations as Lacan's, phallocentrism and homophobia become mere denaturalized (albeit still traumatic) elements of dominant discourse.
Self-enclosed identity is incommensurate to the text of AVA/Ava; thereby Maso imagistically and metaphorically inscribes an alternative to political and aesthetic closed information systems--her ongoing inquiring and denaturalized subject crucially redressing the inevitable and necessary omissions of such systems.
The exertion of this unique and solitary being in the struggle against a "constructed" world, a being determined to salvage his relationship with nature, amounts to an eloquent and somewhat melancholy expression of a longing for some lost bond with the sublime, a relationship that might perhaps survive denaturalized and commodity-ridden contemporary reality.
In an April meeting with an embassy official, Nouhaili was reportedly told he "should stop thinking of himself as an American" and indicated that it would be more accurate to "consider himself denaturalized.
Released only three years after the invention of sync sound, L 'Age d'Or provides an early example of experimental work with sound, where the image track is consistently ruptured by the denaturalized sound track.
There have been instances in the past where they have denaturalized Armenian citizens and returned them to face murder charges in the U.
Chris Gittings describes the performance as cultural resistance: "These images of the 'doomed primitive' are denaturalized as fallacious colonial discourse by Niro's incorporation of them in living, contemporary Aboriginal culture performed by a living Aboriginal artist for a living Aboriginal community.