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This model is also self-reflexive, thematizing the constructedness of identity, denaturalizing iconic femininity, as does Doane's concept of masquerade.
The parody of masculinity points at the arrogance of male dominance, through denaturalizing it.
She successfully captures the novelty of the tree as a way to imagine the flow of time over successive generations, denaturalizing this image and historicizing its many variants.
12] It is this doubly critical strategy, of denaturalizing both images and viewing positions, that Signifyin(g) upon dominant representations can effect.
By historicizing and denaturalizing the interconnections between late-19th-century theories of race and sexuality, Somerville attempts to link these two objects of discourse, and between racialized and sexualized bodies.
New historicism has shown no interest in Foucault's account of the past as the history of the present, relativizing and thus denaturalizing our own current practices by locating them in a relation of discontinuity with what has gone before.
Helene does not deny the existence of law and limit, but she insists rather on denaturalizing these by getting up close, by emphasizing proximity as a process of Verfremdung.
Yet, since the denaturalizing of "interest" has encouraged historians to return to "intention" as the only remaining empirical reality, unless we can revive an idea of interest as a social construction, not as an objective manifestation of the desires or needs of a particular class or group, we will not have any anchor for the indispensable concept of ideology.
Ostensibly there to add a bit of realism to the decor, these objects, and their cartographic counterparts, actually have the effect of denaturalizing the film--and not just for those spectators who live in Texas.
Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, or the dominant" (Turner 134), with an objective of problematizing, interrogating, dismantling, denaturalizing, and disassembling social norms and binaries (Kirsch).
Denaturalizing Ecological Politics: Alienation from Nature from Rousseau to the Frankfurt School and Beyond, by Andrew Biro.
Yet, McAlmon's Berlin, which, of course, does not necessarily represent the "real" Berlin, seems oddly unreceptive to denaturalizing heteronormativity.