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To solve the aforementioned problems, we design a self-authentication and deniable efficient group key agreement protocol to meet security requirements cited above and enhance the communication efficiency.
but the group could still decide to carry out reasonably deniable attacks targeting American or other Western interests around the world in reaction to direct threats to the group or its interests.
These are, of course, serious accusations: Easily deniable, whether true or not.
Thanks to the Deniable Encryption technology volumes encrypted by Cryptic Disk 4 do not contain any signatures that could disclose the very fact of encryption.
Deniable covert operations have a long history and have been ordered by every administration since World War II: they often rely on surrogate actions that reinforce the deniability.
the possibility of some such direct or indirect and plausibly deniable support cannot be ruled out, at least, at some level outside formal structures of the intelligence establishment.
Espionage can be successful and also easily deniable when conducted online.
With all sides apparently keen to avoid an outright conflict, deniable cyber attacks seemingly offer one of the easiest ways of fighting back without risking too much.
Bond has been recruited to a new organisation which operates independently of MI5, MI6 and the Ministry of Defence, its existence deniable.
Kangaroo courts are functioning in Pakistan's vast ungoverned spaces where the state once nurtured its deniable jihadis, the editorial stated, adding that they are also raising their ugly heads in Punjab and Sindh because of the retreat of the state from its constitutional jurisdiction.
Their use of language deteriorates to the point when meaning (hopefully) vanishes and we hacks are left to put our own, corporately deniable, slant on their gnomic pronouncements.
And for the Americans and the Israelis they are the sort of incidents that are easily deniable.