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New Labour have found in foot-and-mouth the perfect, plausibly deniable weapon to break the farmers and countryside protesters once and for all, and to put the boot into many independent hauliers at the same time.
It is clear from a series of actual and attempted attacks in the Golan almost a year ago in response to an Israeli airstrike near Janta in the Bekaa that the strategic plateau has become a locus of deniable operations for Hezbollah, a safer option of signaling displeasure toward Israel than doing so from Lebanese soil.
The weaponry and some of the insurgents taking part in the revolt are from Russia, but are deniable.
Only a died-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist would suspect that the attackers were the same old gang of thugs-for-hire that the old regime turned to when it wanted to use deniable but lethal violence on crowds of demonstrators.
A DENIABLE DEATH GERALD SEYMOUR A cleverly crafted tale from one of the leading thriller writers in the UK is centred on Danny 'Badger' Baxter, someone who has spent the best part of his career hiding in covert rural observation posts in Northern Ireland, secretly recording criminal or terrorist activity.
9/10 * A Deniable Death, by Gerald Seymour, in hardback by Hodder & Soughton, pounds 12.
30pm) to talk about his work and his new novel, A Deniable Death.
Black Ops drops gamers deep behind enemy lines into the world of deniable operations as a member of elite Black Ops units.
But what is deniable is the various claims to saving in significant greenhouse gases while they are in operation - how can this be when every wind farm needs back-up by conventional power stations for a guaranteed supply, and although they do not, in themselves, produce any harmful emissions when running, where on earth is the claimed meaningful saving supposed to be coming from?