denial of justice

See: injustice
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Calling for reformations in state institutions, the supreme leader of PML-N said the biggest challenge of the country is the denial of justice.
The court needs to be reminded that hundreds of thousands of supplicants suffer from delayed justice, which amounts to denial of justice, also from huge expenses incurred in pursuit of their cases and the rampant corruption prevailing in lower judiciary.
If this is not so permitted, it will be denial of justice to the person who is in possession of authentic evidence/witness Thus, requirement of certificate under Section 65B (4) is not always mandatory," the bench said.
Pakistan today faces threats from within by evil nexus of IS, illiteracy, extremism, corruption, and denial of justice, far more than external enemies.
The request submitted by the All Parties Steering Committee on Model Town reads that the committee 'has decided to hold a protest rally at Charing Cross on the Mall Road on January 17 to protest [against] the denial of justice to 14 Shaudha and about 100 injured in the carnage and shootout [that occurred] on June 17, 2014 at Model Town, Lahore at the hands of Punjab Police; and the Punjab government's complacency [is] resulting in inordinate delay.
The BJP leader also appealed the public to raise their voices for demanding the truth behind the allegation, contending that a compromise in the judicial process would lead to denial of justice for all.
Aamer Anwar, the family's lawyer, said: "The obstruction and denial of justice and accountability that families in England and Wales have faced also applies to the family of Sheku Bayoh.
They have requested the apex court bench to review its order of appointing a supervisory judge of the SC to oversee NAB's proceedings as well as the accountability court, terming it a denial of justice because the arrangement was inimical to the separation of powers envisaged by the Constitution.
The charges of up to PS1200 were branded a denial of justice when they were introduced four years ago.
11, 2017 (or about three months from now) may amount to denial of justice and further inconvenience on the part of the claimant,' Faeldon added.
Denial of justice to victims of injustice will sound its death knell.
HOME Secretary Amber Rudd's denial of justice to Orgreave miners is a dishonest snub she will humiliatingly soon learn to bitterly regret.