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And let me as an Archbishop admit that Christians throughout the ages have denigrated women and often used the Bible to do so - and let me apologise for that.
The sexuality of black women is further denigrated in Zola's Therese Raquin, in which the black women's body is compared to that of the prostitute even though history has shown that the vast majority of prostitutes in nineteenth-century Europe were white women, with only a small minority being "women of color.
The book and the film portrayed the defendant and others badly, but in particular it denigrated the name and reputation of another soldier, Sergeant Vince Phillips, who died on the patrol.
Not only is the concern for public life denigrated, there is a distinct emphasis on soft-focus nostalgia for the very suburban coziness, privacy, and social isolation this generation so militantly repudiated in the old days.
Here, difficult is a conceptual substitution for outdated concepts of hysteria, for behavior denigrated in a woman that would be applauded in a man.
This myopia contributed dramatically to the elevation of a culture in which greed was deified, oversight denigrated and misfeasance justified.
According to the study, "high-power participants whose competence was threatened denigrated their subordinates.
Manama The move to grill the information minister following the airing of a show that allegedly denigrated Kuwait's tribes has gathered pace among lawmakers.
THE Archbishop of Wales yesterday apologised that "Christians throughout the ages have denigrated women and often used the Bible to do so".
Catholics were singled out for abuse, the Catholic Church was denigrated, the Pope was vilified and on occasion, some priests were ordered to desecrate the cross or the rosary.
Indeed, the stems of childlessness should be celebrant, not denigrated.
I feel his constant vilification of Israel causes anti-Semitism and the Jewish community is appalled that their state is denigrated in such a fashion on the streets of Cardiff.