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The Bible certainly does not denigrate women or make men superior.
He called for stopping such films which denigrate the human and his dignity and religion, adding that this film is an insult to both Muslims and Christians.
All of which denigrates the dignity of marriage as a human institution.
His parents (Michael Milhoan and Gigi Rice) already betray signs of the rift that will separate them in Joel's bleak future: She has all sorts of ingenious get-rich-quick schemes - fancy coffee emporiums, Post-It Notes - that her loutish husband repeatedly and insensitively denigrates, while consistently conjuring patently idiotic ideas (asbestos ceiling tiles) and in general behaving like a Cro-Magnon lummox.
Reaven, a metabolic endocrinologist at Stanford Medical Center, denigrates the study.
She claimed such study denigrates her creationist beliefs and therefore interferes with her free exercise of religion.