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This, too, went back to the beginning, when the denigrators outnumbered the enthusiasts.
Its creation overcomes the 'curmudgeonly academic support' from UCT labelling sports science 'Mickey mouse', a phrase that comes back to bite the denigrators.
His re-election has also seen criticism heaped on his shoulders as his denigrators suggest he manufactured a situation where he stood unopposed, from which point he will again manage to sweep everything he doesn't want you to see under the carpet.
The denigrators even carp at the king's cultural policies and call for the Mawazine festival, an annual musical extravaganza held in the capital, Rabat, to be cancelled on the grounds of excessive cost.
This understanding, naturally, is to be contrasted with the faulty vision possessed by those who do not appreciate the role of entrepreneurs and expect that the latter concentrate their gaze on returns and profits as if drunk from a shiny accumulation of gold coins, which shows how these denigrators are out of touch with the reality of their contempt.
However, those ten years of graft, often in the face of some pretty harsh treatment from Betfair's denigrators, appear to have been soon forgotten.
Despite the excuses of his defenders and accusations of his denigrators, Pius XII recognized the moral dimension of his wartime discretion and the ethical dilemma inherent in his diplomatic neutrality.
On the left, the sandal-wearing Greens; on the right, their meat-eating, plain-talking denigrators.
For this reason, despite an army of admirers, his ability to cut to the chase also attracted a fair share of denigrators - those, and their followers, who would have us believe one thing while working on a wholly different, hidden agenda.
This chapter focuses on missionaries' fixation on "idolatry," with much appropriate attention to its roots in anti-Catholic rhetoric and state-enforced discrimination in Britain, and to the backgrounds of two of the most dedicated evangelizers and influential denigrators of Indian religious and social practices, the Baptist William Ward and the Anglican Claudius Buchanan.
Finally there is one section of the Jewish Israel denigrators who are simply cowards.
The two denigrators, on the other hand, may not know it yet, but they've lost out.