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However, those ten years of graft, often in the face of some pretty harsh treatment from Betfair's denigrators, appear to have been soon forgotten.
On the left, the sandal-wearing Greens; on the right, their meat-eating, plain-talking denigrators.
For this reason, despite an army of admirers, his ability to cut to the chase also attracted a fair share of denigrators - those, and their followers, who would have us believe one thing while working on a wholly different, hidden agenda.
This chapter focuses on missionaries' fixation on "idolatry," with much appropriate attention to its roots in anti-Catholic rhetoric and state-enforced discrimination in Britain, and to the backgrounds of two of the most dedicated evangelizers and influential denigrators of Indian religious and social practices, the Baptist William Ward and the Anglican Claudius Buchanan.
Finally there is one section of the Jewish Israel denigrators who are simply cowards.
The two denigrators, on the other hand, may not know it yet, but they've lost out.
A study of the reception of Dante in Florence from 1350 to 1481, Simon Gilson's Dante and Renaissance Florence tracks how and to what purposes Dante's supporters and denigrators responded to their city's most famous vernacular poet.
But Prince Charles, having weathered a career of constant personal scrutiny and oftentimes torment at the hands of the British press and denigrators of his city planning and architectural ideas, is a survivor--and a triumphant one--in his own way.
In this regard, it becomes apparent that evolution is not just another scientific theory but rather constitutes a political movement with its supporters and denigrators.
Evita certainly had her denigrators, and her sexual past was the theme of constant attacks by her political enemies.