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Conwy council currently provides transport for 129 pupils on denominational grounds at an approximate annual cost of PS229,000 Of those 129 pupils, based on their current address, only 32 of those pupils would be eligible for transport if they were to attend their nearest local school.
Will Baptist leaders invest the time and effort required to reform the current denominational structure, or will they decide to bypass the SBC and invest in their own modes of cooperation?
From 1807 when the first Protestant missionary arrived in mainland China until 1922, "there are working in China over l a0 different (foreign mission) boards and societies", (2) and most of these had denominational affiliations in the land of their origin and tended to reproduce denominational markings in China.
Yet there are substantive reasons for including both, especially in a book subtitled "Theology and Denominational Structures in Unsettled Times.
It is an interesting story that reveals some fascinating particulars about denominational life.
However, the poll also revealed that 59 percent of Catholics and 79 percent of Pentecostals want denominational schools retained.
Discrimination in employment practices and violations of freedom of religion have also been upheld, particularly in constitutionally-protected denominational schools, where the conduct of teachers who are or were adherents to the faith of the particular school did not conform with the religious requirements or practices of that faith.
Catholic schools enroll 57 percent of nonpublic students, while 30 percent are enrolled in other denominational schools and 13 percent in nonsectarian schools.
Both the disengagement of JTS from denominational needs during the Finkelstein era and the specific criticisms levied by Finkelstein's rabbinical critics within the movement may be clearly seen as an aspect of the tension between perspectives favoring tradition and those promoting change in official religious norms of behavior.
Rather, it cuts across denominational lines; attention to this inclusive notion of spirituality should affect the ministry and missions of the Catholic Church by creating a sensitivity to and appreciation for "God-given" cultural diversity.
The Catholic community believes that with denominational schooling comes the creation of a common set of values - a coherent system that has the academic curriculum and moral and spiritual life in tandem.
Sunday schools, perhaps to the chagrin of denominational adherents, were remarkably similar across both regional and denominational lines.