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A word might have one or two denotative meanings, but could have 40 or more connotative meanings.
For example, an image of a tropical island would have a basic denotative reading of a tropical location, and a possible connotative reading of a vacation or relaxation" (Rhoades & Irani, 2008, p.
I agree that shortcomings, such as those of the above denotative definition, are predominantly, based on an individual's race.
Since a TV program is a complex of denotative and connotative meanings, a hegemonic reading creates-most often unconsciously-a correspondence between the dominant ideology the program produces and audience receptiveness to the overt and hidden messages.
Shoulson examines translated texts such as the King James version of the Bible (1611) and Chapman's translation of Homer's Iliad (1611) and Odyssey (1614) and argues that linguistic translation also functions as a "fiction of conversion" due to the changing connotative and denotative elements of the translation process.
In what follows we will analyze the lexicographical definitions for a part of the corpus of our thesis (9), from the paradigmatic point of view, focussing on the frequency of the denotative cosmetic meaning usage and the appearance of conotative meanings, as well as the extent to which the disambiguation necessary for proper communication is accomplished.
The pressure of the events is translated in form denotative significances as DS-images on the component subjects of the Dogmatic System of the set of believers belonging to Structural Base.
There is a revolution taking place in museum communication with the dawning realization that assumptions about artefacts and their assumed denotative meanings have been inadequate for communication.
Khalid Ayaz Khan: I think both have equal denotative and connotative inter-dependence in bringing success in an individual's life but without hard work success would be bereft of solid footing and sustainability.
We can use words so that they will appeal to reason; these uses--labelled denotative by Clements--are more suitable for the transmission of concepts.
This attitudinal and axiological underdeterminacy does not undermine the possibility for establishing the prototypical denotative meaning of evaluative markers from which pragmatic effects are derived, ranging from ludicity, "meiosis, diminitivum puerile, child/lover/pet-centred speech situations, emotivity, familiarity and intimacy, sympathy and empathy" (Crocco-Galeas 2002:153) to derogation, dismissal, pejorative attitude, etc.
Mimed dance": "drama without words" (Laban 23) and "drama dance" with focus on the referential context are dominated by the denotative (i.