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Cook's "linguistic schemata" contain knowledge about language and influence our expectations of what particular words mean both denotatively and connotatively.
A word is used literally when it is used denotatively.
These first lovers literally write to Hamilton in order to reinsert themselves in heterosexual paradigms; both marry men shortly after denotatively and graphically writing an ending to their relationship with Hamilton.
As part of the visual palimpsest thus formed, behind the man's fall a phantasmal image of his jump comes into the open, without being denotatively exposed in the picture.
Though there was an article pertaining to Calgary, it did not denotatively mention the oil boom, stating only a "preliminary city planning scheme for Calgary .
The lack of "power" in the city refers, denotatively, to the simple loss of electricity, resulting in the inability to broadcast images.
Such geler are usually used much like personal names, denotatively, in the strict sense of the word, with little or no thought of what the words actually mean.