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The nobility and gentry, and public in general, for whose accommodation these tenements were designed, lay, here and there, in baskets, staring straight up at the ceiling; but, in denoting their degrees in society, and confining them to their respective stations (which experience shows to be lamentably difficult in real life), the makers of these Dolls had far improved on Nature, who is often froward and perverse; for, they, not resting on such arbitrary marks as satin, cotton-print, and bits of rag, had superadded striking personal differences which allowed of no mistake.
But, it would have been a stranger contrast still, to have read the hearts that were beating side by side; to have laid bare the gentle innocence of the one, and the rugged villainy of the other; to have hung upon the guileless thoughts of the affectionate girl, and been amazed that, among all the wily plots and calculations of the old man, there should not be one word or figure denoting thought of death or of the grave.
The face was not unlike that of a satyr; there was the same slightly protruding forehead, full, in this case, of prominences, all more or less denoting character; the same turned-up nose, with a sprightly cleavage at the tip; the same high cheek-bones.
One wore a cap of two staring colors, denoting the class of persons to which she belonged.
There is no very great difference between such words as we have just been considering and words denoting qualities, such as "white" or "round.
Crisparkle doing so, she would do so; but she does originally, out of her own mind, think well of it, as a healthy project, denoting a sincere endeavour and an active attempt at self-correction.
Alfred Jingle; his head resting on his hands, his eyes fixed upon the fire, and his whole appearance denoting misery and dejection!
Shading his eyes from the falling snow, which froze upon their lashes and obscured his sight, Kit often tried to catch the earliest glimpse of twinkling lights, denoting their approach to some not distant town.
The venture will aim on gaps in quick humanitarian help comprising denoting transitional shelters requirements by rendering shelter materials and technical help by locally trained shelter technicians, empowering impacted households to construct back better and safer shelters.
Summary: du has received the prestigious 2013 Independent Teleport Operator of the year award from the World Teleport Association, or WTA, denoting du's Samacom facility as the world's leading independent teleport.
Sources are of the view that the signs denoting 'Dog', 'Donkey, and 'Lota' have been eliminated from the list of electoral signs.
Since the Chinese alphabet is ideographic, rather than phonetic, the Chinese character denoting "one" is also of this type.