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Here there are no throbbing operatic solos, no dark denouements, no reflexive ironies, no expensive special effects dwarfing the actors on stage: just singing, dancing and storytelling.
The complexities of the plot are, of course, the beauty of Boomtown - which stars Donnie Wahlberg - and CSI: Miami, both of which feature denouements darker than anything the viewer could imagine.
And as if simply disentangling the psychodynamic threads of these complicated denouements were not enough, Gabler-Hover also makes effective use of Homi Bhabha's notion of "splitting": Hagar's illicit sexuality is split onto blackness, but its product, the empowerment t hat such sexuality makes possible, is split onto whiteness.
Kari Matchett plays our heroine, the smart babe, not that she prevents gruesome denouements for the rest of the cast.