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As we have seen, both the denouncer and the accused understood that from the point of view of the authorities, this form of monarchism was considered criminal; were it not so, the former would not have reported such an incident, and the latter would not offer his "simplemindedness" as an excuse for his statement.
First, for the most part, it does matter who the denouncer is--whether a friend, a member of a household, a brother, a subordinate, a student, a servant--at any rate, [such a person] sins more than if an acquaintance may be denounced without any reason.
Being such an inveterate denouncer of the third world, Naipaul has increasingly earned, at least in the eyes of many postcolonial critics, the just title of being the curmudgeon of contemporary literature in English.
He was transformed, in the words of historian Andrew Bergma, "from a whimsical old madcap to a serious denouncer of those who prefer gold to friends.
Implied in denunciations of the 'negative' mirror is a truth-claim (at least relative to the more deluded state of the mirror-gazer) on the part of the denouncer.
This was the brainchild of a celebrated local inventor and eccentric William Martin--champion swordsman, denouncer of Isaac Newton and other 'false prophets', and designer of the first spring balance and pneumatic life jacket.
He announces this intention in a preface, heaping more abuse upon (the now-deceased) Castlereagh, identifying England as the engineer of an international regime of tyranny, and taking on the role of the denouncer of this regime against its bought-off apologists (lines 61-67).
Finally, Rebenich reexamines the Origen controversy, suggesting that Jerome's abrupt conversion from supporter to denouncer had more to do with his precarious political situation than a legitimate change of heart, and reminds us that the work for which Jerome is best known, his translation of the Latin Bible, was fraught with controversy during his own lifetime and not accepted until long after his death.
Helen Keller was an avowed socialist, a member of the IWW, a suffragette, a supporter of Eugene Debs and a denouncer of American involvement in WW I.
Once more we return to the idea of excess and how it can function as a denouncer of certain serial killer narrative conventions.
However, as a denouncer of human rights violations, Robinson's record is diametrically opposed to Bush's partisan expediency.
The most mysterious of these mysteries is what prompted Gerrard Winstanley, the passionate denouncer of trade, organised religion and all social organisations of oppression to become, in his later post-Digger life, Gerrard Winstanley the churchwarden, chief constable, Quaker and respected man of commerce?