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The elephant preference to habitat types and resources in Padang Sugihan sanctuary is determined by the closest several environmental factors that affect elephant's life such as, kinds of vegetation communities, the availability of food plants, the ratio of food plant species eaten, the availability of tree barks, availability of trees for rubbing their body, denseness of canopy cover, presence of competitors, the presence of predators, the distance from the water source and the distance from the forest canopy to elephant activity areas.
Taslim, On denseness in asymmetric metric spaces, Mathematica Aeterna, 2(2012), 617-627.
I think he was at that moment experiencing a bit of gravitational denseness.
Aerial views of the park show the denseness of its pine trees in 1956, the absence in 1991, and the park in its current state.
Ranging from exquisite sensitivity to disruptions in one's emotional equilibrium to relative denseness of even expected variations in emotional displays, the narcissistic husband's emotional state can dominate relational interactions.
There is a certain denseness, a cultural and psychological richness, in most of Louise Erdrich's work that's largely missing from Shadow Tag.
Rowe comments, "Given the obvious care and attention to detail with which the Phaedrus is written, it is difficult to avoid looking for significance, if not profundity, in every aspect of it" though he allows that the significance of the agnus in the passage "may simply lie in the denseness of its shade, and its flowers" (1986, 141-142).
It's still a strange thing to look at, almost ridiculous in its colour and verging on cartoon in its formalism, the building's apparent dumbness bristles with interlocking denseness and determined engagement with its urban context.
The denseness and occasional tedium of Maggi's prose results in part from his need to describe in detail texts not otherwise available to the reader, but more so from Pasolini's own tortured over-intellectualizing of his need to be "feminized" by the hustlers with whom he consorted.
Ian Munro reminds us of the extraordinary denseness of early modern London while illuminating the city's vexed responses to that crush.
This is a huge work, its interweaving lines virtually orchestral and wide-ranging, given here with a clarity which overrode the denseness of its chording.
The former was obtained through self-diffusion in the same phase, whereas the latter was dependent on the penetration rate through the interface, which should be much slower than the self-diffusion due to the denseness of the copolymer barrier.