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Of significance is that the overall boundedness and denseness of the volume surrounding the MPI equilibrium gives us a hint that this MPI attractor may possess sensitive dependence on initial conditions, which could inhibit us from reducing the hurricane intensity errors after hurricanes enter their MPI regime.
Denseness of canopy is estimated related closely to the presence of elephants reflected from the abundance of elephant feces where tighter canopy cover, the more abundant numbers of elephant feces are in certain habitat.
Following this logic, a four-sided museology has been established: a search for authenticity--for the "true"--in its human and material dimension; a passion for the particular, including the curious and the rare; a cult of historical denseness or patina; and, lastly, an attention to detail that serves to reveal a society that has either disappeared or been submerged by modernity.
Three-Dimensional Distinct Element code is utilized to study the effect of varying building stories, varied centerline eccentricities on tunnelling induced settlement in granular soils of varying denseness.
I had read some Austen, and knowing the denseness of this book, I was impressed with how Jeff Haddow and Neal Hampton really distilled the story down to the essentials.
An apter metaphor may be weaving, because the collection's best poems have the denseness and durability of a piece of Harris tweed.
Embarrassed at my denseness, slightly offended, a little scared, and blushing furiously, I told her that I was sorry and I wasn't really interested, but I'd be happy to grab a meal with her sometime.
Taslim [9], introduced the concept of denseness in asymmetric metric spaces.
New Mexico olive maintained highest densities of understory-nesting birds when compared with other woody vegetation, likely due to its denseness.
But the scholarship is impressive, the illustrations fascinating, and, despite the denseness of the material, the style is conversational.