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Hooker informs me, in species with the densest heads that the inner and outer flowers most frequently differ.
These islands, situated in the same latitude with Tierra del Fuego and only between two and three hundred miles distant from it, having a nearly similar climate, with a geological formation almost identical, with favourable situations and the same kind of peaty soil, yet can boast of few plants deserving even the title of bushes; whilst in Tierra del Fuego it is impossible to find an acre of land not covered by the densest forest.
Yes, in the first place, I endeavored to instil enlightened ideas into the densest of all heads.
For a half hour they pursued him with rocks and broken branches, and though he dragged his kill into densest thickets, yet they always found a way to reach him with their missiles, giving him no opportunity to feed, and driving him on and on.
25 ( ANI ): Astronomers including an Indian-origin using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory and telescopes on the ground may have found the densest nearby galaxy.
FLORIDA (CyHAN)- This movie from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory shows a fast moving jet of particles produced by a rapidly rotating neutron star, and may provide new insight into the nature of some of the densest matter in the universe.
The lighthouse estate, which was built in 1916 is home to the densest colony of Manx Shearwaters on either Skokholm or Skomer Island, with the last count showing 2,870 burrows.
A multinational team of planet-hunters tracked down the orb and established that it was not only the densest planet ever discovered but also that it was made of carbon and crystallized oxygen.
As a result of this odd behavior, mathematicians haven't yet found the densest packing scheme for homogeneous groups of high-dimensional spheres.
By day, the bamboo graphic becomes an eye-catching and simple form of sun-shading; by night, green light dapples through the interior to create the seductive and slightly surreal optical illusion of a luminous bamboo plantation sprouting in the heart of one of the world's densest cities.
This Oakland-area band slugs out the densest of metal.
The full penetration ram provides us with the densest bales compared to any other baler of its kind.