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The rest of the area with WN virus activity both in 1999 and 2000--the Bronx, the two counties immediately north of NYC (Westchester and Rockland), and the two counties to the east (Nassau and Suffolk)--did not have human WN virus cases in 2000, and the weekly dead crow densities never exceeded 1.
The various improvements offered by MR technology amount to an ability to read from areal densities about four times denser than TFI heads at higher flying heights.
The increasing data densities enabled by AFC media are expected to simplify processes for storing consumers' rapidly growing volumes of digital data (music, photographs, presentations and video); accelerate an industry trend toward smaller disk-drive form factors that consume less energy; and stimulate the creation of new and more capable digital-media and data-intensive applications.
Nevertheless, moderate population densities of deer mice persisting at the higher altitude web trapping sites in Colorado provided an opportunity to look at the natural history of this species over a wide range of conditions (Calisher et al.
The fine grain particles are complemented with a new binder composition that enables an extremely thin magnetic layer, allowing shorter wavelength and higher bit densities and data rates.
At that point, the sponge cell walls are ruptured, allowing gas to escape, yielding poor skin surface and higher densities.
The Spansion 1 Gb MirrorBit product joins the Spansion GL family which includes densities ranging from 16 Mb up to 512 Mb - all in production today.
Metal particle media offered twice the coercivity and twice the remnant flux density of alternative media pigments, producing the potential for significantly higher recording densities compared to quarter-inch or half-inch cartridge formats.
The elastomeric alloy foam has superior mechanical strength when these low densities are achieved.
The TeraScale E-Series combines an innovative architecture with the industry's highest densities to bring Vonage a high level of investment protection and ensure smooth network expansion well into the future.
By increasing the areal density--or the amount of information that can be placed within a given area on a disc drive--technologists in fact have been able to deliver densities in excess of 100 percent annually over the course of the last several years.
Now, for the first time in years, new foamed PET products are in R&D, including thicker sheet with higher densities and thinner films with very low densities.