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Whether dead crow densities will be associated with the number of human cases in future years or other geographic areas is unknown.
The conditions that lead to rodent population irruptions may be infrequent, and there may be thresholds for either environmental conditions or population densities that lead to the increased numbers of infected rodents that are indicators of risk of virus transmission to humans.
The LGMR technology also allows for future increases in track densities by completely removing the servo tracks from the data side of the tape.
In this example we saw that the traditionally known facts, that compound viscosity can be altered by changes in plasticizer level or polymer type, and thereby affect sponge product densities.
A higher-output MP formulation, designated MP+++, was developed to handle the higher track densities of the DDS-4 format.
To increase areal densities in longitudinal recording, as well as increase overall storage capacity, the data bits on a disc must be made smaller and put closer together.
Meanwhile, M&G's lab in Akron, Ohio, is beginning to develop data on the strength of PET foams at different thicknesses and densities to characterize foamable grades.
Women whose mammograms showed over 65 percent dense tissue developed breast cancer at a rate more than 400 percent higher than that of women with densities of less than 5 percent.
The Mobile RAM devices can support a variety of densities -- from 256 Megabit to 1 Gigabit -- within the same small form-factor package.
Future I/O-intensive applications will require higher access densities than are indicated by the current development roadmaps.
for at least five years and compared their bone densities with those of age- and weight-matched women not on the hormone.
8-volt, 512-megabit product planned for early 2005, Spansion's data storage platform will enable cell phone manufacturers to design complete MirrorBit technology-based memory subsystems for both code and data storage at densities from as low as 16-megabits on the market now to as high as 5-gigabits anticipated for 2007.