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The revision process included a thorough review of the newest ADHA position statements on dental hygiene diagnosis and the dental hygiene process of care as well as the Transforming Dental Hygiene Education white paper.
By having more time in UNC SoD's clinic before practicum, with the dental hygiene instructors for guidance, Group 2 may have had more experience in creating a dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment plan and documenting discussions and interactions, resulting in being confident prior to beginning the practicum experience.
First, the task force recognized that dental hygienists are being taught dental hygiene diagnosis concepts in dental hygiene entry-level, baccalaureate and master's level programs.
During the assessment phase, the dental hygienist obtains the client's personal, medical, and dental histories, takes vital signs, performs extra/intraoral, periodontal (including gingival evaluation), and restorative exams, and then formulates a dental hygiene diagnosis.
Dental hygiene diagnosis is the identification of an individual's health behaviors, attitudes and oral health care needs for which a dental hygienist is educationally qualified and licensed to provide.
Appendix A provides the ADHA position on dental hygiene diagnosis.
15,17,20,23-30] Two significant examples of the limitations imposed on the dental hygiene profession are the requirement that a dentist must be present during dental hygiene diagnosis and the delivery of local anesthesia, and the requirement to have a dentist's "order" for the initiation of scaling, root planing, and curettage procedures.
They will have impeccable critical thinking skills and claim full command of the dental hygiene diagnosis.
Making these judgments about the client's human needs is the first stage in developing a dental hygiene diagnosis.
These include assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation, and documentation.
During baseline assessment, deficiencies in these eight human needs are identified and a dental hygiene diagnosis is made.
I'm also very excited about the Standards column that Carol Jahn, RDH, MS, prepared on the dental hygiene diagnosis --and I love to say that out loud and proud