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Dr Costa and his team of dental specialists at Same Day Dental Implants Clinic in DHCC treat patients using his unique method of SameDay Dental Implants and Teeth by avoiding painful, time-consuming and costly bone grafting procedures.
However, dental implants are now becoming the most popular treatment to replace missing teeth.
Globally, the rising aging population has increased the demand for dental implants in the market.
The rapid advancement in the field of dentistry such as CAD/CAM technology, 3D imaging, laser technology, sedation dentistry, mini dental implants, nanotechnology and drug-eluting dental implants is improving day-by-day which has been accepted as the future of dental implant and prosthetic market.
Dental Market in India is expected to grow at a healthy rate as dental implants are a better substitute compared to other forms of treatment and also people are getting more beauty conscious.
This contrasts greatly to Australia and China where the dental implant market has been more recently established and is demonstrating significant growth rates.
Mulvaney and his staff strive to remain on the forefront of the dental implants by utilizing cutting-edge technology and regularly attending continuing education seminars.
Or, in some instances, dental implants can replace entire upper or lower arches if needed, giving patients an entirely new smile.
The last section offers strategic recommendations for the players in the dental implant market.