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Characteristics of the studied dental laboratory technicians Variables 20 Age ears)- mean 30 Sex, n (%) Male 115 (75) Female 15 (25) Cigarette smoking, n (%) Current smoker (30) Former smoker (10) Never 12 (60) Duration of employment (years) Job contents Making crowns and bridges, n (%) 11 (55) Making removable partial dentures Metal framework, n (%) (20) Resin part, n (%) (20) Making complete denture, n (%) (20) Making orthodontic appliances, n (%) 1 (5) Use of dust control equipments Dust collector, n (%) 116 (80) Polish or ending in a boxglove, n (%) (20) Use of personal protective equipments Plastic face shields, n (%) 13 (65) Cotton or paper mask, n (%) 15 (75) Gloves, n (%) 1 (5) Tab.
Here, the EOSINT M 270 technology comes into use, processing a bio-compatible cobalt-chrome alloy (inCoris NP), which EOS has developed specifically for dental prostheses on the basis of input from the dental laboratory technicians at Sirona.
Polishing materials for example, brushes, wheels, pumice, polishing buff and burs used in finishing of dental prosthesis prepared in dental laboratories can transmit different infectious agents and are possible sources of cross contamination for dental laboratory technicians, dentists and for patients.
This report describes three of the cases and underscores the need for employers of dental laboratory technicians to ensure appropriate control of worker exposure to crystalline silica.