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The caries index could be upset by such specialized dental measures as those referred to above; and dental prophylaxis could alter the gingival picture sufficiently to make it of questionable value as a possible index of Vitamin C deficiency.
Bacteria begin to re-colonize on tooth surfaces immediately after a thorough dental prophylaxis, thereby reinitiating the process of plaque formation.
Until then--and still today, although it is less common--many Kiwis were accustomed to receiving the dental prophylaxis from their local dentist, typically involving a 10-15 minute supragingival scaling.
With this new system for Gingivitis we have found in a clinical study an extraordinary 95% reduction in the number of bleeding sites after 6 weeks of treatment when compared to control group that used regular anti-cavity toothpaste and soft manual toothbrush after a dental prophylaxis at baseline(1).