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There are around 8,000 registered dental technicians in the UK, so you would think one of them would be interested.
Choudat (1994) reported no significant differences in lung function and prevalence of respiratory symptoms between dental technicians and controls, but an increased risk of pneumoconiosis among dental technicians and a positive interaction between occupational exposure and cigarette smoking.
All the steps involved in laser-sintering crowns and bridges were shown, from the initial scanner to the creation of the 3D CAD data and the laser-sintering machine, and ending with the finished veneered product - the skill which will remain in the hands of the dental technician.
Their travel mate is a sensual older dental technician named Luisa (an enticing Maribel Verdu), a fun-loving Spaniard who sees in the boys a handy escape from her unfaithful husband.
The court, held at the base, ruled that Columbia Renauld Shiloh, a dental technician, forced his way into the room of Wakana Brock, 24, a resident of the same condominium, in March 1997 and choked her to death.
They have a third dental technician and a helper on staff.
He is a member of the American Prosthodontic Society and past Chair of the The American College of Prosthodontists Dental Technician Alliance.
Purchase of a 3D printer with software for a training workshop in the dental technician crafts.
A DENTAL technician who stole his younger sister's university savings to fund a PS5,000-a-month drug habit was spared a prison sentence.
Our Clinical Dental Technician Marc Nothover can create all types of dentures that once expertly fitted, will restore your smile and transform your appearance.
However, expert dental technician Mike Fuse believes that wearing dentures doesn't have to be an awkward experience.
Unless a clinical dental technician is registered with the General Dental Council, they are not allowed to provide dentures directly to the public.