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The most infamous exposition of this view was contained in a denunciatory letter written by eight leading black Americans to the U.
His passionate denunciatory stance against social inequality, oppression, and vice recalls William Blake's quasi-socialist penchant for championing popular causes: "The Romantic Marxist ideal is a secular variant on the Christian myth, itself a 'circuitous quest'" (Coupe 71).
Night Operation is a dystopian science fiction tale, deliberately reminiscent of Plato's allegory of the cave, and as robustly denunciatory as Lewis's That Hideous Strength or The Great Divorce, whose readers may find the satiric descriptions here somewhat familiar.
The Court went on to state that the general damages award was denunciatory rather than compensatory and thus was outside of the damage principles emphasized in Keays.
Is a particular phrase defamatory, denunciatory, or devil-may-care?
Moved by the impetus to communicate the political reality of apartheid and its aftermath, Hugo does not eschew aestheticization, but his approach remains narrative and denunciatory.
Like socialist movements of every era, the SWP put a high premium on agitprop pamphlets, newspapers, and denunciatory internal memoranda.
It appears that there was support for the new offence at the time of its enactment because of the perceived denunciatory effect of section 153.
The denunciatory roar from the Liberal Party was only drowned out by the insistence of Kevin Rudd that the proposal was absurd.
These artists expressed their feminism through both celebratory and deconstructionist work, to borrow Janet Wolff's (1993: 150-151) labels, as well as through denunciatory projects.
Finally, them was a special denunciatory court for unidentified killers, animals, or inanimate objects that had caused the death of human beings.
The courts have not shied away from imposing denunciatory and deterrent sentences, which include incarceration, regarding Internet luring: