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Denying Christ's divinity is a very old heresy called Arianism, name after a priest, Arius, who taught it.
Denying he understood the legal definition of ``sexual relations'' during the Jones case.
President Clinton could not have believed he was telling ``the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth'' while denying a sexual relationship with Lewinsky.
That is tantamount to denying free will and explains the emphasis of secularism on social controls rather than character formation.
The "Point" (P4) remains on the ballside of any possible pass receiver in the middle lanes as he sprints to become the new protector of the basket, as the original "Tight Wing" (T3) works on denying any pass to the middle of the court or deeper than ball-level.
Later in May, McCarrick told a gathering of Catholic journalists that denying politicians communion because of their public policy stances is a "slippery slope" that would not be welcome in his archdiocese.
Despite its defeat in these decisions, the IRS is still trying to adhere to its position of denying annual exclusions to persons with only contingent remainder interests; see AOD 1992-09.
By denying there is a divine Being, men and women also deny His part in their existence; they deny any involvement from Him in the way they live their lives; they deny that He gives any hope of life after death; and they deny that He is involved in the world events that shape their lives.
Moore said that although he knows that CPSC staff will be conducting a forum and that their own research is ongoing, denying the petition could "send the wrong signal.
The board rejected the mall's expert report and relied on the expert report of the objectors in denying the application.
The district court denied the petition, finding that prison officials did not deny the prisoner due process by failing to compel witnesses to name a "certain offender" named in a tip regarding drug trafficking, nor by denying him permission to view security videos and other physical evidence.
Not only is the government obstructing investigations into the conditions of living detainees, it is also busy denying requests for more information about the circumstances surrounding the death of Pakistani citizen Muhammed Butt.