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noun agency, area, assignment, branch, bureau, categorization, category, chapter, class, designation, district, division, domain, field, field of activity, jurisdiction, ministry, munus, pars, part, precinct, province, provincia, realm, section, sector, specialty, sphere, station, subdivision, subsection, zone
Associated concepts: department of government, departtent of state, department rules and regulations, executive department, judicial department, legislative department, municipal department
See also: agency, bailiwick, board, bureau, chapter, commission, district, division, domain, member, occupation, organ, post, province, pursuit, purview, realm, role, section, sphere

DEPARTMENT. A portion of a country. In France, the country is divided into departments, which are somewhat similar to the counties in this country. The United States have been divided into military departments, including certain portions of the country. 1 Pet. 293.
     2. By department is also meant the division of authority, as, the department of state, of the navy, &c.

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Air Force reserve; a supervisor of criminal investigations with the Department of Revenue and Taxation; and a supervisor of examination branch and tax enforcement administrator with Revenue and Taxation.
The Newark, California, Police Department mandates a test typical of agencies that includes a 99-yard obstacle course, a body drag, a fence climb, and a 500-yard run.
Consistent with this system, it established major cost pools including (among others) (1) engineering labor costs for individuals involved in the planning, design and implementation engineering of specific projects; (2) engineering supervision and clerical support; (3) other engineering department costs; and (4) "provisioning" costs of material and supplies.
Solomon said that the Treasury Department looks forward to working with Congress on the President's proposal.
On the other hand, an ECB--Department of Buildings violation can have a minimum penalty of $800 and require the violation to be Certified Corrected at the Department of Buildings.
Our monthly financial statements are intended to inform the organization about our financial performance and serve as a tool for gaining knowledge about what each department thinks is going to happen in the immediate future.
In such a system, a department works against its margin target--exceed target and there are cheers all around, fail to meet target and an examination of conditions is warranted (and that does not have to be a "witch hunt," since sometimes the target was just poorly chosen).
Further, the assessment should examine how well the Department integrates the rest of the U.
The department saw an opportunity to develop an affordable media relations tool that would not only measure output but also measure how well the department influenced news media coverage.
The Department of Special Education at New Jersey City University provides teacher education programs to over 800 students, the largest number of teacher education students in the College of Education.
Yet Stewart's prosecution has revealed a broad and troubling Justice Department strategy.

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