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Research to date suggests that formalization and centralization, as well as departmentalization, are inversely related to information utilization, which is important for marketing programs (Deshpande & Zaltman 1982, Hage & Aiken 1970).
This departmentalization had significant effects on strategy.
The doctors wanted departmentalization, and the trustees attempted to accommodate them.
The district court denied prison officials' motion to terminate the consent decree and issued an injunction ordering the departmentalization of facilities as a fire safety remedy.
Exhibit 4 Characteristics of Mechanistic and Organic Structures MECHANISTIC CHARACTERISTICS ORGANIC Functional Division of Labor Job Enlargement Specialization or and Job Enrichment Departmentalization by Function Clearly Defined Hierarchy of Decentralized and Centralized Authority and Participative Formal and Jobs and Flexible Standardized Procedures Primarily Economic Motivation Both Economic and Psychological Authoritarian Leadership Style Democratic Formal and Group Relations Informal and Personal Impersonal Vertical and Communications Vertical, lateral, Directive diagonal and consultative Source: Adapted from Gannon, M.
Another innovation of the Green House is to do away with staff departmentalization by creating a transdisciplinary, or universal, worker.
Departmentalization led to the exclusion of those who were not trained and credentialed by the departmental experts.
Functional departmentalization, or the separation of work and workers into separate units to make them responsible for specific tasks does not work in the New Economy.
When asked about the departmentalization of the risk management function, one respondent notes: "Every employee on a college campus is a risk manager in one way or another.
Unlike many academic libraries, public libraries retain a strong sense of departmentalization.
suggests that this way of distinguishing the will's movement confuses Keenan's purpose to both preserve the will's freedom and defend reason's influence in the moral act with a departmentalization of powers that otherwise interpenetrate.
For better or for worse, governments have long been characterized by the Weberian model of organization, which focuses on internal and managerial concerns and emphasizes departmentalization, specialization, standardization, and routinization of the production process.

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