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Tactic 4: Departmentalize and specialize staff functions.
Most importantly, the institutional trend to fully departmentalize the budgeting process could now include telephone costs.
Approaching the project design of an oversized box of a building, the store design team faced the primary challenge of determining how to departmentalize the different store departments to help make each one a unique destination of its own.
In larger institutions or hospitals that have a myriad of specialties, the need to departmentalize within the laboratory might be more compelling.
For the contractor, the practical step was to computerize the operations and departmentalize with experts in the management and technical servicing of the business.
The other way is to categorize and departmentalize the OTC message so that the name in the OTC department is different from the name in the food department.
For a number of years, we have recommended that furniture retailers departmentalize that category, to make it more consumer-friendly.
From a corporate, enterprise-wide perspective, the new capabilities address the need among Global 2000 companies to departmentalize to appropriately track activity and billing.
A strategy that is becoming more common is adopting a boutique approach that departmentalizes and highlights the category and brings it together with related products under one banner.
For example, Goldline's in-store merchandising efforts include a shelf-management system that departmentalizes vitamins and includes consumer education materials.