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The answer will vary with each situation and depend upon the buyer and seller's relative bargaining power.
The width will depend upon the release of the #2 receiver and communication from the cornerback.
Successful application of titanates in nano technology is said to depend upon understanding organometallic chemistry and physics.
Unlike many churches, he said, Labrador City can't depend upon older people for steady leadership and must adjust to a constantly changing mix of older and younger, he said.
Thank-you to everyone we need, rely on, depend upon and turn to on a yearly basis to help us to continue to showcase, honour and applaud these incredible contributors to our region.
With especial focus upon transcendental archtypes of the child, the parents, the hero task, gods, and death/ascent or death/rebirth, Mythologems reveals the stunning extent upon which people depend upon explanations, comfort, and stories absorbed at an early age.
Grief responses will also depend upon how significant the loss is perceived.
It assures us that, as we struggle to forge and implement ecumenical agreements, as we strive to manage and heal congregational conflict, and often act in ways that do not please God, Christian unity does not depend upon our efforts, strategies, successes and failures, though the Spirit of Christ certainly works in and through them.
Bush: "That's going to depend upon the generals helping me make that decision, Tim.
It does not depend upon others for raw materials and markets, but rather others use it as their market of last resort.
She sensibly contrasts the certainty of welfare-state support with earlier variation and expresses skepticism over the literature that purports to find structured dependency in the position of the aged or to distinguish neatly between those who depend upon family resources and those who depend upon state support.
Peace does not depend upon anything, certainly not upon our own certainty of moral righteousness.