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The late lamented McBain's Merely Hate, a short tale of the 87th Precinct cops probing a series of hate crimes, is dependably good.
6] Even extreme monetary growth is not dependably inflationary.
One is guaranteed basic pay given to everyone who dependably, but minimally, accomplishes a set of defined tasks.
By combining belted technology with the Accuzone conveyor system, the new belted system provides a solution for dependably handling products that would typically be difficult to handle on a standard roller conveyor, since items can reliably start and stop, sliding is eliminated.
Staff must dependably send and receive email and wireless messages, refer to records and attachments, and access calendars and contact information.
The drives have a mean time between failure of 300,000 hours and operate dependably in harsh environments that include extreme temperature (-40[degrees] to +85[degrees]C), shock (1,000 Gs) and vibration (15 G).
A flanged mount, custom shaft design and tightly sealed interfaces make this motor dependably watertight.
Just as hard to overlook is the Otis Redding or Stevie Wonder or even the Randy Newman in Bradley's very personal compositions, dependably backed by his longtime group, Blackwater Surprise.
1 ounces and the armored, waterproof casing enables it to function dependably in even the harshest field conditions.
Multiple streams can be combined and dispersed in a single pass with dependably consistent results, according to the company.
Manufacturers are looking for not only brighter, blue-white paperboards that will enhance the look of their packaging, but also for substrates that will perform dependably during demanding finishing processes, such as backside printing, foil stamping and metallized film lamination, that can really help to differentiate a brand at the retail level," said Nipun Marwah, market manager, packaging, Packaging Resources Group, MeadWestvaco.