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A nation-wide study of 348 coaches, 179 athletic trainers, and 2,977 high school and college athletes showed that 36% of the athletes depended upon their coaches as their major sources of nutritional information.
This is from the viewpoint of a university professor living in a rural area who depended upon university students to enroll in his classes in order to maintain employment in his chosen field of work.
Though over the millennia irrigated agriculture has been intermittent and varying in intensity, from the nineteenth century on increasing irrigated hectare has depended upon the twin rivers.
And yet the majority of this six-pack of thrillers are not about foreign terrorists or invaders but about betrayal by those we depended upon, by those in our own family or inner circle of friends, those we thought we could trust.
IN HEBREW AND CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURE we read that God is faithful, that our God does not break promises or betray trust but can be depended upon to honor covenants for a thousand generations.
Michelin's history illuminates the difficulties firms have faced historically as they needed not only to create a new market, and in this case one that depended upon its association with another product (bicycles and then automobiles), but also to sustain and enlarge that market.
These towns have depended upon the year-round work created at the pulp mills.