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Thus, each of the principal branches of the federal government will owe its existence more or less to the favor of the State governments, and must consequently feel a dependence, which is much more likely to beget a disposition too obsequious than too overbearing towards them.
We sometimes hate the meat which we eat, because there seems something of degrading dependence in living by it:--
It is clear that our sensations, considered as irregular appearances of physical objects, share the causal dependence belonging to comparatively distant appearances; therefore in our sensational life we are in causal dependence upon physical laws.
One sense of materialism is the view that all mental phenomena are causally dependent upon physical phenomena in the above-defined sense of causal dependence.
She has formed some desperate project of contesting the possession of her father's fortune with Michael Vanstone; and the stage career which she has gone away to try is nothing more than a means of freeing herself from all home dependence, and of enabling her to run what mad risks she pleases, in perfect security from all home control.
But yet it is less danger, to have an ambitious man stirring in business, than great in dependences.
As a result, PROMETA represents an innovative approach to managing alcohol, cocaine or methamphetamine dependence that is designed to address physiological, nutritional and psychosocial aspects of the disease, and is thereby intended to offer patients an opportunity to achieve sustained recovery.
NASDAQ:HYTM), a healthcare services management company that licenses the PROMETA([R])treatment protocols designed to treat alcohol, methamphetamine and cocaine dependence, announced today that its PROMETA protocol for stimulant dependence will be evaluated for use and adoption as a treatment alternative by the probation, corrections, and re-entry programs throughout the State of Texas.
Study Results Illustrate the Potential of Extended-Release Naltrexone for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence
Nasdaq:HYTM), a healthcare services management company that licenses the PROMETA([R]) treatment protocols designed to treat alcohol, methamphetamine and cocaine dependence, announced today that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey will conduct a commercial evaluation of the PROMETA protocols as a central component for substance dependence disease management.
Volpicelli of the University of Pennsylvania, of the PROMETA protocol for the treatment of alcohol dependence.
The 150 patient study will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of treatment with Probuphine versus placebo in reducing opioid dependence over 24 weeks of treatment.