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Among the criteria they looked for were products that are depictive of consumer trends.
Depictive and descriptive representations are two different forms of representing information (Peterson, 1996).
gt;, was at first simply depictive of some peculiar species of axe.
The metal, depictive of a mobile phone, on which these photographs are fused actually integrates and becomes part of the piece itself.
Ali the other locality names are more or less left alone, without any depictive characterization.
One particularly remarkable example of the depictive element in Zelenka's music is Psalm 129 In convertendo ZWV 91; here the text on conversion (of godless people and enemies of the Lord), inspires the composer to write canons in inversion, i.
In order to show that Larson's analysis of the DOC is problematic, we consider the representation of depictive predicates.
Ambivalence', if correctly used, means the presence of depictive elements which endow the image with a duality of symbolic power.
Not only are the monochrome and photograph juxtaposed, but a tension arises within each work as this mimetic echo strains to unite the depictive space of the photograph and the pictorial space of the entire canvas (which includes both the monochrome and the photograph).
It also clarifies and explains the features that distinguish depictive from nondepictive representation.
Schnotz makes a distinction between sign systems that are descriptive and those that are depictive.
The sentences without a reflexive pronoun in (12) are possible if a depictive reading is assigned to the adjectives.