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The one major cause of oil depletion is the rate of population growth.
Analyst Kaumil Gajrawala of UBS applauded the company's depletions growth, but said he looks for improvement in core brand trends.
Begert, discovered the benefits of the Nutrient Depletions app when his own physician alerted him to his low blood calcium levels.
We assessed the effect of IgY albumin depletions on SELDI-TOF MS reproducibility by evaluating the 10 highest-intensity peaks present in all spectra for all 3 columns in runs 1, 8, and 17.
The extremely cold Arctic temperatures this year contributed to ozone depletion by creating icy cloud particles in the stratosphere.
We have increased our expectations for full-year depletions growth to between 9% and 11% to reflect this improvement.
depletions increase by sixteen percent, the first full year of integration since acquisition.
In addition to depletions growth of 13% for the quarter and 13% y-t-d, core shipments increased 9% for the quarter and 13% y-t-d, and core gross margin improved to 56% from 53% in the prior year.
reported a first quarter core product depletions increase of approximately 14% as compared to the first quarter of 2009.
Data from the study indicate that chemical pollution destroyed significant amounts of ozone over the Arctic this winter and will most likely cause even larger depletions in the far north in coming years.
Offering a unique range of data and analysis services, including wholesaler depletions and retailer purchasing behavior, BDN is at the forefront of delivering secure, accurate data to a wide array of distillers, wineries, importers and distributors.
Key highlights of second quarter included depletions growth of 8% for the quarter and 10% year to date; net pricing increased approximately 5% year to date; product recall expenses increased to $20.