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Depletion of oil resources is also cause of unemployment in most of the economies of world.
For consumers, Nutrient Depletions provides you with valuable information to balance your medications and diets.
An appropriate assessment of the reproducibility of albumin depletion data derived from SELDI-TOF MS is important because early studies using this technology were hampered by lack of standardization and reproducibility of protein profiling (20, 21).
After the occurrence of seasonal soil water depletions ranging from 18 cm for sunflower to 7 cm for dry pea, soil under dry pea had 11 cm more water than that under sunflower in September 2000.
PREMIUM LIQUEURS: Disaronno Amaretto experienced resurgence as new consumers reconsidered this classic liqueur and moved depletions up by seven percent.
In addition to depletions growth of 13% for the quarter and 13% y-t-d, core shipments increased 9% for the quarter and 13% y-t-d, and core gross margin improved to 56% from 53% in the prior year.
The company said that the strong depletions growth was attributable mainly to Sam Adams seasonals, Twisted Tea and Boston Lager.
Though it may sound like the plot for a new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, this idea has been raised by a team of atmospheric scientists who use computer models to explore mthods of stemming the annual ozone depletion over Antartica.
Using BDN's data management and information services, distributors save time and resources with simplified depletion reporting processes.
We achieved 8% depletions growth in the second quarter compared to 12% depletions growth in the first quarter," said chairman Jim Koch.
The severe ozone loss largely confirms a prediction made earlier this year by a meteorologist who found a statistical connection between the tropical climate and the severity of polar ozone depletions.
recovered from a poor start brought on by a number of external influences in the beginning of the year to finish up 3 percent in depletions.