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Above all he promised an alternative to this bungling and deplorable administration.
Far too many of our county's children who needed the stable nurturing of family love were bounced between multiple foster placements and group homes that did not meet their needs, then effectively abandoned by the system, consigned to languish in psychiatric hospitals and congregate in facilities like the infamous MacLaren Children's Center under deplorable conditions.
Sir Christopher Staughton said: "Killing is deplorable but to be let out again after killing is doubly deplorable.
The Government has had full knowledge of this deplorable situation for months and then when it was revealed by a national paper they tried to deny it was true.
Any activity that would inconvenience businesses and personal customers is deplorable.
The Prime Minister branded the adoption of the girls deplorable and disgusting.
I would like to also say sorry and pay personal tribute to Kim Medcalf, Wendy Richard,Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace in particular, who have been caught up in the results of my deplorable actions.
More than 50 exotic animals, including snakes, tarantulas, turtles and parrots, were rescued from a city pet shop after a customer noted that the store was in deplorable condition, officials said Monday.
Mr Wood added: "They carried on playing but their behaviour was deplorable.
3million Geordie admitted he was a disgrace - as Gers chairman David Murray branded his behaviour DEPLORABLE.