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Unemployment is deplorably high," he said in a speech to German bankers.
Raza Rabbani said that an issue like Raymond Davis was about to happen , and said that Musharraf being a Pakistani , it was highly deplorably a concern to his inviting American interference in Pakistani affairs.
I do not believe McKibben's strategy is up to the brilliance of his tactics involving the mass arrests (which by the way received deplorably little mass media coverage).
Over 23 have been killed, their bodies packed in Zeinhom morgue in a scene deplorably reminiscent of the darkest days of Egypt's recent history, a history that is repeating itself much sooner than it should have.
I don't know what Mr Johnson did, but if Jennifer Hedges is suggesting it doesn't really matter if women in bars are fondled by strangers, then all I can say is that it is no wonder that standards of behaviour in society have sunk deplorably low.
The trade relations between the two countries are deplorably undeveloped and in practice there are no Brazilian investments in Bulgaria.
Saeed bin Suroor''s four-year-old ran deplorably when favourite for the Celebration Mile at Goodwood last month, finishing last.
Deplorably, North Sudan's army is maintaining its assault in South Kordofan region which it began last month and was described by Obama as "dire, with deeply disturbing reports of attacks based on ethnicity".
Regarding the government's stance on the laws endorsed by the National Assembly today, Al-Busairi said that, "the government has some remarks about many laws," adding that, "it seems that MPs showed enthusiasm for endorsing these laws in spite of the government's reservations that deplorably were not taken into account.
On the contrary, in tragic instances, it was followed by further violence and led to burning structures and most deplorably humans.
The more successful King proves to be will only fuel the backward fraternity theory that you can behave deplorably and still be a potential hero.
This is an industry that openly ignores its own safety rules and transports our food supply on deplorably unsanitary platforms," said Moore.