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partes haberent deponere idem quod receperunt stante conditione .
In contrast, what Probabilism involved (and it was a more complex position than Pascal seems to have taken it to be) was an affirmation of "the liberty to follow one's own judgment of conscience instead of deponere conscientiam in order to follow the law or the confessor's opinion" (117).
Super secundo deponit eundem esse verum et reddendo causam scientiae su[a]e dicit et deponit that he was personally presente in the house articulated togethr wth one Edward [CO--Stoninge] Stone [CO--wher and when aboute] at the tyme of the sessions in the night season aboute a xij monethes since vt modo recolit et tempus et diem aliter perfecte non recordatur And then and ther sawe the articulated Wim Appowell put his hande vnder the Coates of one woman beinge then and ther presente [M--standinge vppon a forme] but her name this depont knoweth not And the Cause of all ther beinge ther was to see pappett players which was then and ther a handlinge et aliter nescit deponere.
Non iam illud quaero, contra ut me diligat lila, aut, quod non potis est, esse pudica uelit; ipse ualere opto et taetrum hunc deponere morbum.
at non Cyrene, namque ultro adfata timentem: 'nate, licet tristis animo deponere curas.
bonos prelatos, castrare & eos de regno suo & prelatura deponere ut loco eorum valeant imperare" [Because they devour and castigate their {bad} sons, good prelates and judges are hated by evil subjects who fear that they will be devoured in like manner.
being presente the said parties in sute this deponent & the said Sanders aliter nescit deponere vt dicit.
Catullus'" answer to the speaker's questions (difficile est longum subito deponere amorem) exposes the fallacy in the speaker's argument.
Isti non sunt officiales sed simplices servitores; et istos semper consuevit magister cappellae ponere, et deponere, et mutare; quotiens visum est esse expediens honori, aut necessitati cappellae aut paci vel quieti.