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Meanwhile, new efforts are being made to depopulate the cat colonies of Los Angeles.
Kifco's equipment gives producers, agricultural agencies, and emergency management personnel an easy-to-operate method to safely and quickly depopulate broiler housesCoespecially under the difficult conditions likely if a high-path infection is found.
The plaintiffs seek disgorgement of Talisman's revenues from its Sudan operations as compensation for hundreds of thousands of victims forced to flee their homes and left in despair without food, water, shelter, or medical care as a result of the strategic plan by Talisman and the government of Sudan to use helicopter gunships and high altitude bombing to depopulate areas around the oil fields.
AutoOne provides a broad spectrum of automobile insurance products from Assigned Risk LAD services, to voluntary automobile offerings including Private Passenger, Physical Damage and unique Take-out policies that help to depopulate the New York Assigned Risk Plan pool.
This approval allows us to expand a product line which has been consistently profitable, helps Citizens depopulate their program, and benefits Florida homeowners, who will have a new alternative in the property insurance market.
This is connected with the intentions of the Turkish state to depopulate the Strandzha Mountain region.
This furthers our goal of expanding a product line, which has been consistently profitable, helps Citizens depopulate their program, and benefits Florida consumers, who will enjoy lower rates and greater choice.
Al-Quds editorial criticized the indecisiveness and soft language of the European Union report on the Israeli policy to depopulate area C of its Palestinian residents, as well as criticized the lack of a stern position against Israeli practices.
Montserrat's chief minister David Brandt has accused Tony Blair of "a deliberate attempt" to depopulate the island.
Al-Quds daily highlighted the European Union's report on Israeli policy to depopulate Area C of the West Bank of its Palestinian residents in order to block chances for the establishment of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders.
UPCIC began operations in 1998 when it assumed homeowner insurance policies issued by the JUA under the Takeout Program approved by the Florida legislature to depopulate the JUA.
As the epidemiological investigation continues, it is possible that USDA may depopulate other animals from the index herd; the other herd in Mattawa, Washington, currently under a Washington State hold order; or other cattle determined to be part of the index animal's birth herd.