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TOKYO - An increasing number of companies are opening "mobile stores" amid the successive closure of retail shops in depopulated areas.
As regards the situation on the Tunisian-Libyan borders, Colonel Major Mokhtar Ben Naceur, delegate of the Defence Ministry, said that three shells had fallen last May 28 in a depopulated area south of Dhiba after clashes between rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi but denied the news conveyed by some media about the incursion of armed Libyans into Tunisia.
Until this country is depopulated by at least 10 million and a zero population growth policy adopted, we will never have full employment here.
ASSESSMENT "The puppy farm has now been depopulated with 59 dogs removed into the USPCA's care.
Local administrators hope the formula can work well in Molise's lesser known towns and villages, preserving ancient houses from ruin, bringing life into depopulated areas and providing an extra source of income for locals otherwise mainly engaged in agriculture.
As Palestinian villages were depopulated, Jewish people from 110 countries replaced the expelled.
1) Many Welsh speaking communities were depopulated, as speculators bought up every available property and sold them at inflated prices as second homes, far beyond the purses of local people; 2) Tryweryn, a beautiful Welsh speaking village, was flooded in order to provide water for Liverpool, despite all the desperate efforts by legal means to stop it; 3) The Welsh language appeared to be in danger of extinction as these many unassimilated, holiday incomers changed the face of the countryside.
In 1948, Israeli forces destroyed or depopulated 531 Palestinian towns and villages and built 350 new Jewish towns on confiscated land.
This $100 million version is by far the best, if only because it's resting on a tremendous special effect: A vast, intricately detailed, computer-altered vision of an eerily depopulated and decaying New York City with weeds and wild animals retaking its canyons.
Today, Desolation Sound is almost as depopulated today as it was in 1792 when the dyspeptic Captain George Vancouver named it.
The resulting drop in population led to recolonisation by the indigenous Welsh, who flocked to the towns, and to the depopulated lowland agricultural manorial areas, such as the Vale of Glamorgan.
Reporting sick birds voluntarily could lead to the destruction of their source of income unless they are compensated for depopulated flocks.